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Third Party Only Motor Vehicle Insurance

It is mandatory in Kenya that any motor vehicle on the road must have a minimum level of insurance. According to the Kenya Traffic Act Chapter 405 any vehicle must have the minimum of Third Party Only (TPO) motor vehicle insurance. This covers the insured against costs, charges and expenses from third parties if the vehicle is involved in a road accident or any such event that may cause loss to members of the public.
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Third Party Only Motor Vehicle Insurance

These costs may arise from damage to third party property, physical bodily injuries, permanent total disability and death. In addition, this will also cater for liability to passengers carried in the motor vehicle.

What’s NOT covered on a Third Party car insurance policy?

What the TPO auto cover doesn’t cover is damage to the vehicle as a result of a road accident, fire and theft. These can be covered using a comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policy, which covers a wider list of risks to both the insured and the general public. A single road accident can destroy property worth tens of millions of shillings not to mention cause loss of lives of drivers, other road users and innocent bystanders. This is especially common for larger vehicles like lorries, trucks, and trailers that carry heavy tonnage compared to small private motor vehicles.

Third party motor vehicle insurance quotes vary depending on the provider, the limits of liability of the policy and also the type of vehicle to be covered. For private cars, rates vary from as low as KSh 5,000 to just below KSh 8,000 per year. The insurance rates for commercial vehicles vary with tonnage of the vehicle, smaller pickups are charged lower than heavy lorries understandably as the weight and potential damage of a lorry much greater than that of a smaller truck. For this reason, many businesses prefer to take only third party car insurance for their commercial lorries, pickups and canters. The premium rates for these commercial vehicles range from KSh 7,500 to 25,000 per year. In Kenya, most businesses combine this third party vehicle cover with a Goods In Transit (GIT) insurance cover, this is to cover the load of the vehicle in case of accident or loss.