Service With Integrity

Kingvale Insurance Agency

You need insurance coverage, be it to protect your home, auto, business, the future of your loved ones, or a variety of other needs. We offer all types of insurance under one roof.


To Be a provider of quality, reliable and innovative risk management solutions in the region


Service with Integrity

Our Objectives

Individual & Corporate

To identify corporate and individual insurance opportunities.

Planning & Implementation

To plan appropriate action that will exploit those opportunities, identify key results & implement and monitor those plans.


To keep all stakeholders updated on all results and feedback.

Service With Integrity

Services Offered

Brokerage Services

  • Kingvale will search for the best insurer to underwrite our clients’ various needs.
  • We endeavor to negotiate the best possible cover at the best price.
  • Interpretation of insurance policy terms & conditions on behalf of our clients.
  • Maintaining accurate and up to date records for each of our clients’ policies.
  • Processing all claims and seeks quick settlements of the same.

Insurance Needs Assesment

  • Analyze our clients’ current and future insurance needs.
  • Identify any risk insurance gaps that may expose clients to uninsured risks.
  • Providing the best insurance solution with a comparative quotation.

Customer Service

At Kingvale we strive to maintain the highest level of care and skill as we handle our clients’ insurance needs.

We keep our clients’ information confidential from other parties while ensuring we inform our clients of the new changes in the insurance industry that may benefit them.

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