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Home Insurance

Are you a landlord or a tenant? Protect your property or home contents with affordable home insurance.Find insurance plans to find the best cover to protect your property from fire, burglary, flooding and other other events.

What is covered on a home/domestic package insurance?


This covers residential building, fittings, perimeter wall, outbuildings and swimming pool – where applicable. It covers damage from fire, theft, earthquake, flooding, lightening, collision with vehicles or damages from falling trees, riot and strike. Some insurance companies in Kenya will also cover rent receivable in the event the landlord loses rent income due to occurrence of the risk as insured. Because this section covers the residential building, it may sometimes be referred to as landlord or homeowner’s insurance in Kenya.

Work Injury Benefits Act (WIBA)

The Work Injury Benefits Act (WIBA) is a statutory benefit mandated by the government of Kenya. All employers are required to provide this benefit for all categories of employees. It covers the employees in the case of home domestic package insurance, the domestic staff (maids, drivers, guards, etc) against accidental bodily injury, disablement or death.


This section of the domestic package insurance policy covers the home owners contents including furniture, fixtures fittings, kitchen items clothes, garden furniture, entertainment systems, desktop computers and any other household items that are fixed or stationed at the insured property during the course of the policy. This section is commonly referred to as home contents insurance or renters insurance.

Owner & Occupier Liability

These two sections cover the owner and the occupier of the residential property against liabilities to third parties while on the residential premises. These may be legal costs, medical expenses and any other indemnity expenses.

Will my building and contents be inspected before taking the insurance?

No, the household contents and building are not inspected before taking out the home insurance. A written declaration of contents to be insured is required and a valuation of the building. Where possible, please provide receipts of items such as television, hi-fi and others. Note that for items like jewellery, mobile phones, digital cameras, receipts or valuation reports will be required at placement of cover.

All Risks

Insured moveable & high priced items including jewelry, electronic items like mobile phones, laptops, tablets and cameras. These high risk items will be insured from damage and theft and cover will extend worldwide. For any home insurance policy, it must include either Section A or Section B, any other sections can not stand alone on a domestic package insurance policy.

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Home Insurance

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Furniture, carpets, clothes, kitchen items and appliances, household goods and personal effects for which the proposer is legally responsible, not being landlord’s fixtures and fitting, in the buildings of the proposer’s residence
Covers portable valuables like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, jewellery, watches, spectacles etc. against fire & perils, theft, loss and accidental damage.
The residential premises including but not limited to landlords fixtures and fittings and the following, in so far as they form part of the property; walls, gates, fences, terraces, patios, drives, paths, carports, garages and outbuildings.
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