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Education Insurance

It enables one to meet the needs of children's education, deposits on future mortgages and for many personal or family needs which cannot be met immediately on one's current income. A policy holder periodically invests some money and gets paid out of the total sum assured at the end of the policy with profits accrued. In the event of death or permanent total disability to the policy holder, the total sum assured can also be paid out to the policy holder or beneficiary therefore insuring the financial security of the individual/family.


Size of Premium

You should choose a premium amount that you can comfortably pay regularly over the duration of the policy and an amount that will also make a difference for your child's education.

Premium payment & repayment

Increase or decrease the premiums even after the policy has commenced. Some policies start paying out for the school fees of your child before the end of the policy and allow flexible cancellation without losing your money.

Premium Waiver

Choose policies that waiver your premium and guarantee your child's education in the event that you are no longer able to pay the premiums due to disability or death.

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Education Insurance

Education Insurance

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