Domestic Insurance – The Preparedness You Need

May 10, 2021
May 10, 2021 nduggajoseph

When we talk about protection when it comes to everything you have worked so hard for we don’t just mean your car, we mean your house, your farm and everything in between.

Grasping this can sound a bit too far fetched but with the change in economy and a pandemic that came in and turned our lives upside down, a disaster doesn’t sit in the impossible pile.

Let me tell you a story of a former neighbor of mine, let’s call her Sheila. Key word here “Former”


Sheila gave me a call and mentioned she needed help and my first question was, what happened, as anyone would.  Unfortunately, her house had been razed down by flames after her Nanny left a leaking gas when she had to make a quick run to the market. This led to everything in her house being burnt to ashes and all she could salvage was just clothes on the hanging lines.

This kind of loss is not one that you can ever fathom happening to you but this happened to Sheila.  As good neighbors we offered to support her by lending her and her family a place to stay as we assumed her domestic insurance would come in and help her cover the cost of damages and get her back on her feet, or at least close to.

To our surprise Sheila mentioned she did not have domestic insurance and that fire had ashed everything she had worked so hard to build.

Unfortunately, Sheila’s story is not one of the few it is a statistic of the majority.

Now, what does It mean to have domestic insurance?

It means making a monthly remittance of as low as Ksh 5,000 per month to cushion you incase of any disaster. This could be fire, floods, lightning, theft, you name it. Imagine your house, the one you invested in over 10 years, worth 10milliion being brought down in a matter of minutes.

Now that doesn’t have to be your story. Unlock a profound sense of peace of mind knowing you have domestic insurance in the wake of any disaster.