SME Health Insurance

March 9, 2023
March 9, 2023 Peter

We know our health is our wealth, but how do we really ensure the “health” part is taken care of?

As of 2022 only 1 in 25 people in Kenya have some sort of personal insurance. That is a statistic but for SMEs thats a great opportunity.

Let us bring back the statement, your health is your wealth, but let’s look at it from an employer perspective. When your staff is sick, what role do you play to make sure they are taken care of other than just giving sick leave?


We have the perfect solution for you to give your employees more support.



The SME Cover.

A cover that caters to 3 to 9 employees and this gives you access to a corporate cover.

As an SME it is the perfect mix of affordable yet comprehensive cover. It is flexible with benefits and can be shared per family for both inpatient and outpatient.

This gives your organization a flexible alternative for medical insurance since it requires a few members to be covered.

Compared to the individual Medical Insurance, SME cover is a great solution for the many small organizations in this economy.

It is very simple to get covered under the SME Medical Cover, and we only need:

  • The details of the staff for quotation purposes
  • We source for companies based on your budget and requirements
  • Once agreed on an insurer, the Group and individual application forms
  • The payment done either once or through Insurance premium financing

Its as easy as this to get a cover that takes care of medical emergencies both locally and internationally.

Doesn’t that give value to your employees? And in turn to you too?

We’ve got you covered! Talk to us and we can hold your hand through the process!

Peter Macharia